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Transmission Electron Microscope


Location:  1–206 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Contacts:  Fang Zhou

Instruction manual   [  PDF 286kB]

TEM Primer   [  PDF 3.3MB]

TEM Training Policy   [  PDF 17.9kB]


  • High-resolution brightfield imaging of biological and non-biological samples; electron diffraction and darkfield imaging of materials
  • Tungsten filament gun
  • Accelerating voltage from 40kV to 120kV
  • Low magnification range from 50x to 1,000x; standard magnification range from 600x to 500,000x
  • Resolution 0.34 nm or better
  • Single and double tilt holders; side-entry eucentric goniometer stage which allows for specimen tilting ~+/- 60 degrees
  • Side mounted, SIS MegaView III high resolution CCD camera with 1376 X 1032 pixel format, 12 Bit

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