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Field Emission Gun
Scanning Electron Microscope

Hitachi S-900

Location:  1–216 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Contacts:  Chris Frethem

Instruction manual   [  PDF 995kB]

SEM Primer   [  PDF 2.6MB]

SEM Training Policy   [  PDF 17.6kB]


  • High-resolution topographic contrast (Se) and atomic number contrast (BSe) imaging of biological and non-biological samples in both room temperature and cryo modes
  • Cold field-emission gun
  • "In-lens" design.  Sample size limit of ~ 5 mm W X 10 mm L X 2.5 mm H
  • Resolution: 0.8 nm resolution at 30 kV and 3-4 nm resolution at 1 kV
  • Magnification ranges from 100 X to 800,000X
  • Secondary and backscattered electron imaging modes.  Backscatter imaging at TV rates and low voltage (threshold 1.8 kV on gold) with Autrata modified YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet, cerium doped) crystal
  • Two specialized Gatan Model 626 cryostages are available for cryoSEM operation
  • Digital images are acquired via an analog-to-digital converter / PCI system

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