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X-ray Diffraction & Scattering
Wide Angle

Siemens D-500

Trouble Shooting

Problem Possible Solution(s)
Intensity is Much
Lower than Expected
Check the slits--are they what you usually run?  Slits that are very small (0.1 or 0.3) give you much lower intensity than larger ones (1.0).
No Counts Check the kV and mA guages.  If they are at zero, the x-rays are off and need to be turned on again.  (See the D-500 Startup Instructions.)

Check to see if the shutter is open.  The clock on the right top of the NIM bin should be on (wide angle) and the red shutter lights should be on.

Check the box in the NIM bin to the left of the Databox called Hochsp Erzeug.  The guage should be reading approximately 1.0 kV and the red light should be on.  If not, call for assistance.
Theta and 2-Theta LED lights not on Datascan, Controller.  Check to see if the two-theta and theta values equal the values on the bottom of the goniometer.  If they don't, type in the correct values.  Drive the goniometer first to 10.  Then, drive the goniometer to 100.  If this doesn't work try:
    Set up a scan from 20 to 22 degrees with a step size of 0.002 and a count time of 0.25 seconds/step.  Terminate the scan when the lights turn on.
Detector Arm Stuck The 2-theta arm will become stuck if it is driven to an angle that is either too high or too low.  To make the arm operational again:
  • Open the enclosure and flip the switch on the Databox plug located on the bottom-right base of the goniometer.  This will allow for manual operation.
  • Feel around behind the plug for a small black button (identical to the one used to open the shutter).  This is the reset plug for the goniometer.  You will need to push this several times along with another button to get the detector arm back in place.
  • Look at the front panel of the enclosure (where the shutter buttons are).  Push the following buttons (the red lights should light up):



  • After these buttons are pushed, you are ready to attempt to move the arm.  First push the release button on the base of the goniometer, then push the appropriate arrow key (located on the bottom-left of the control panel).  If the arm is down near the tabletop, push the button above the right arrow.  If the arm is up near the top of the tube, push the button above the left arrow.  It is easiest to have one finger on the release button and one on the arrows and push first one, then the other and then repeat.  You will need to repeat this several times until the arm moves freely with the arrow button only.
  • When the arm is moving freely, flip the switch on the Databox plug back to automatic and calibrate the system through the controller option of Datascan.  Remember, when it is asking you for an angle, you need to tell the computer what angle you are reading, NOT what you want the angle to be.