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X-ray Diffraction & Scattering
Wide Angle

Panalytical X'Pert Pro

Location:  22 Shepherd Labs


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  • The Panalytical X'Pert Diffractometer is a highly advanced, versatile materials characterization system.  Interchangeable PreFIX incident and diffracted beam optics can be configured for optimal measurement of high resolution scans, reflectivity experiments, or for in-plane diffraction.
  • Choice of PreFIX incident beam optics include a graded parabolic x-ray mirror with automatic attenuator, four-bounce Ge(220) monochromator, hybrid four-bounce monochromator with mirror and automatic attenuator, fixed divergence slits, or x-ray lens.
  • High resolution goniometer with optically encoded sample positioning enables a minimum step size of 0.0001°.
  • 1/2 circle Eulerian cradle with motorized sample stage enables sample tilts of +/- 90°, in-plane rotation of 360°, in-plane X and Y translations of 100 mm, and vertical Z displacement of 11 mm.
  • Selectable line or point focus 1.8kW sealed ceramic copper x-ray tube source.
  • Triple axis setup utilizes a three bounce (022) channel cut Ge crystal to provide an acceptance angle of 12 arc seconds.
  • The parallel plate collimator has a 0.27° acceptance angle with an optional 0.1 mm collimator slit to improve the resolution at 2? angles less than 4°.
  • 2 sealed proportional detectors with a large dynamic range.

Sample Applications Include:

  • High Resolution
    • Rocking curves
    • Superlattice scans
    • Reciprocal space maps
    • Substrate offcut
    • Epitaxial layer tilt
    • Layer relaxation
    • Epitaxial layer mismatch
  • Reflectometry
    • Composition analysis structure of grain boundaries in ceramics
    • Magnetic films on chromium
    • Identification of precipitates in materials
    • Analysis of nanoparticle sizes

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