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X-ray Diffraction & Scattering
Wide Angle

Scintag XDS 2000 Diffractometer


Wide-angle X-ray scattering is used to study structural characteristics and to identify powders, thin films, and crystals.  Data analysis is performed using Materials Data Incorporated's JADE 7.0 software package with whole pattern fitting.  Phase identification is possible using ICDD's PDF-4 database.


  • Scintag XDS 2000 theta/theta goniometer with 2.2 kW sealed copper X-ray source.
  • Solid state detector.


  • Temperature attachment 1: -270° C to 300° C.
  • Temperature attachment 2: ambient to 1400° C.
  • The theta/theta goniometer enables the sample to remain horizontal, so liquid films may be analyzed.
  • The unit has a wide variety of software including batch capabilities.


  • In situ analysis of structural changes as a function of temperature.
  • Phase identification.
  • Thin-film analysis.
  • Lattice parameter determination.
  • Purity/quality control of materials.
  • Orientation of single crystals.
  • Particle size determination.


Samples can be analyzed in many forms, including powders, thin films, crystals, and solutions.

Sample Data:

Crystallite Size Determination

Magnification of Smaller Peaks

Peak Fitting and Percent Crystallinity

Phase Identification

Temperature Scan

X-ray Reflectometry