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Visible Light Microscopy

Video-Enhanced Microscope (VEM)

Location:  78 Shepherd Labs

Contacts:  Nick Seaton


Our "Video Enhanced Microscope" consists of a Nikon Optiphot light microscope along with a new Canon SL1 digital camera.

The Nikon microscope has capabilities for transmitted light (brightfield and polarized) along with reflected light (brightfield, darkfield, polarized and DIC) illumination modes. Objectives available are 5x, 10x, 20x, and 50x dry, along with a 100x oil immersion (numerical aperture of 1.25).

The Canon digital camera (18 megapixels) works well with the Nikon microscope, and has live view and high definition video modes to capture time dependent events.

A Linkham temperature controlled stage is also available.