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Surface and Thin-Film Analysis

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

VASE (J.A. Wollam Co., Inc)


Ellipsometry measures the change in polarization state of light that occurs upon reflection from or transmission through interfaces of different materials.  Analysis of ellipsometric data can be used to determine layer thickness, surface and interfacial roughness, sample anisotropy and optical constants (refractive index and extinction).  Its sensitivity is sufficiently high to allow detection of monolayers of small molecules on surfaces, and, as with many optical methods, it is nondestructive.  Spectroscopic ellipsometry involves the measurement of the change in polarization state of light as a function of wavelength.

Equipment and Accessories:

  • V-VASE with AutoRetarder, single-chamber monochromator.
  • Spectral range from 250-1100 nm.
  • Vertical sample stage with vacuum hold down can accommodate up to 200 mm diameter samples.
  • Automated angle of incidence from 20° to 90°.
  • Single-chamber monochromator
  • Automated Sample Translation, 150mm by 150mm XY Mapping
  • AutoRetarder-patented technology provides highest accuracy on any sample.  Also allows for advanced measurements like Depolarization, Anisotropy, and Mueller-Matrix.
  • Operator Computer: Pentium-4, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb hard drive, 17" Flat Panel monitor and Windows XP Pro; CD and DVD R/RW and USP ports for data access/transfer.
  • WVASE32 software package that provides easy calibration, data acquisition, and analysis for all different applications.
  • VASEManager Software- Automates the routine data acquisition and analysis procedures.

Please see the VASE specifications  [  PDF 1.6MB]