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Proximal Nanoprobe

Tencor P10 Profilometer


The profiler is a computerized, highly sensitive surface profiler that measures roughmess, waviness, step height, and other surface characteristics in a variety of applications.  It features the ability to measure micro-roughness with up to 0.5 Å (0.002 µin.) resolution over short distances as well as waviness over a full, 60 mm (2 inch) maximum scan length.  The built-in PC computing power offers precise, automatic measurement capability with the convenience and ease of use of Microsoft Windows based software control and data analysis.


  • Semi-conducter wafers.
  • Thin-film heads.
  • Precision-machined and polished surfaces.
  • Ceramics for micro-electronics.
  • Glass for flat panel displays.
  • Optical Surfaces.
  • Polymers.


  • Vertical range for the optional Low-Force MicroHead II is from under 50 Å to 130µm at <0.1-, and 1-Å verical data resolution.
  • Photo-realistic rendering of the scan data in three dimensions for extended surface analysis.
  • A virually unlimited number of data points per profile, which guarantees that the horizontal resolution is limited by the stylus radius and not by the number of data points.
  • Measurement of many roughness and waviness parameters, with user selectable cutoff filters to isolate roughness and waviness.
  • Ability to fit and level a scan, allowing accurate step height measurements on curved surfaces.
  • Ability to detect the edge or apex of a profile feature, allowing automated data analysis relative to the feature.
  • Ability to repeat a scan up to ten times and automatically calculate the average, thereby minimizing the effects of environmental noise on measurements.
  • Automatic positioning on the sample surface to within a few microns in X and Y.
  • Precision mode, allowing precise location of small features and de-skew coordinates for automatic operation.
  • Measurement of samples up to 350 mm (14 in.) wide, 57.2 mm (2.25 in.) thick, and 2.2 kg (5 lb) in weight.