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Vibrational Spectroscopy

Confocal Raman Microscope


Raman spectroscopy is used for structural characterization of organic and inorganic molecules in solids, liquids, gases, and on surfaces.  In Raman spectroscopy, irradiation excites chemical vibrations.  Changes in the wavelength of the scattered light appear as spectral peaks corresponding to different energies of excitation.  Rather than image one excitation, our new Witec confocal Raman microscope allows collection of a full spectrum at each pixel location, and in a matter of minutes.  Thus complex spectral fingerprints can be rendered in images.  Confocal Raman microscope allows one to do high resolution chemical mapping on materials in 2D and even 3D.

Manufacturer's flyer with more details  [  PDF 1.01MB]


  • Witec alpha300 R confocal Raman microscope with UHTS300 spectrometer and DV401 CCD detector
  • Windows-based WitecControl_1.38 software for data collection and analysis; WitecProject software that can be installed on user's computer for offline data analysis
  • Omnichrome Argon ion laser with 514.5nm excitation and 50mW maximum output power
  • Coherent Innova90 Krypton laser with multiple excitation lines and 500mW maximum output power (not functioning with the Raman microscope right now)


  • Nikon 100X oil immersion objective
  • Olympus objectives with magnification of 10X, 50X, 80X and 100X
  • Highly linea, piezo-driven, feedback controlled scan stage for spectral mapping (4nm latera positioning accuracy and 0.5nm vertical)


  • Optical resolution diffraction limited to ~250nm laterally and 500nm vertically
  • Spectral range of ~0-4000 cm-1, and spectral resolution down to 0.02 cm-1
  • Fast spectra acquisition (less than 100ms for a single spectrum)

Sample Data:

Raman measurement of an air bubble trapped in the epoxy.