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Surface and Thin-Film Analysis

Auger Electron Spectroscopy

PHI Model 670

Location:  22 Shepherd Labs

Contacts:  Geoffrey A. Rojas


  • Single-beam Auger Electon spectroscopy with cylindrical mirror analyzer
  • Energy resolution of 0.5 eV from 50 eV to 5000 eV
  • Sample SEM imaging with ~2 µm resolution
  • Elemental depth profiling by Ar+ ion beam sputtering ~ 5 nm resolution
  • 2D elemental mapping ~2 µm resolution
  • Multi-point elemental surface analysis
  • Resoltion down to 0.2% atomic concentration*
  • Multiple-sample manipulation
  • UHV pressure < 1x10-10 Toor

Sample Applications:

  • Multilayered thin-films
  • Electronc devices
  • Conductors, semiconductors, and insulators

* Sensitivity is dependent on element of interest

Sample band graph 1 Sample band graph 2

SEM Image of Au/Al grid atop SiO2 wafer. Corresponding elemental map showing Au (yellow), Al (red), and SiO2 (blue).