Photo of instrument

X-ray Diffraction & Scattering

Bruker-AXS Microdiffractometer


Wide-angle X-ray scattering is used to study structural characteristics and to identify powders, thin films, and crystals.

Microdiffraction can be used for x-ray analysis of very small samples or small areas of larger samples.  The x-ray beam can be collimated down to a 50 micron spot size.  A video-microscope and laser pointer allows for the beam's precise positioning.  The multi-wire two-dimensional area detector allows for quick data acquisition and orientation information.  This detector, combined with the 1/4 circle Eulerian cradle sample holder is perfect for pole figure (texture) analysis.


  • Bruker-AXS Microdiffractometer with 2.2 kW Sealed Cu X-ray Source
  • Incident Beam Monochromater
  • 1/4 circle Eulerian Cradle Sample Holder
  • Hi-Star 2-D Area Detector
  • Temperature Control (-20° to 200° C)
  • Optional Chromium X-Ray Source


  • Phase identification
  • Thin-film analysis
  • Lattice parameter determination
  • Purity/quality control of materials
  • Determination of crystallinity of polycrystalline materials
  • Stress analysis
  • Orientation of single crystals
  • Particle size determination
  • Pole figure (texture) analysis

Sample Images:

Corundum in a Capillary

Two-Dimensional X-ray Detector Image of Corundum

Integrated Images of Corundum

Microdiffractometer Analysis of Fiber Bundle

Close-up of Fiber Bundle

Two-Dimensional Detector Image of Fiber Analysis

Two-theta vs. Intensity Scan of Fiber

Copper Computer Part for Microdiffractometer Analysis

Close-up of Copper Part -- Stress Analysis may be done

Microdiffraction of a Silicon Wafer (Single Crystal)