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Surface and Thin-Film Analysis

Microscopic Contact Angle Meter

Location:  29 Shepherd Labs

Contact:  Bing Luo


  • High magnification lens and x12 zoom allows a field of view from about 75 x 56 µm to 900 x 670 µm.
  • Available in 3 capillary inner diameters of 5 µm, 30 µm and 50 µm.
  • Special pneumatic dispensing system allows dispensing excellent volume of droplet.
  • Included pixel calibration tool indicates the actual size of droplets.
  • The vertical-mount camera provides a top view of the droplet.  It enables pinpoint measurements of a micro-area, and allows observation of the wetting broadening behavior of the droplet.
  • 60 fps camera captures the small volume droplets before they evaporate.
  • Image data can be replayed as a movie (MPEG-1).

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