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Field Emission Gun
Scanning Electron Microscope

JEOL 6500

Location:  74 Shepherd Labs

Contact:  Nicholas Seaton

Instruction manual   [  PDF 1.02MB]

SEM Primer   [  PDF 2.6MB]

SEM Training Policy   [  PDF 17.6kB]

EDS on SEM Primer   [  PDF 1.5MB]

EDS on SEM Training Policy   [  PDF 13.1kB]


  • High resolution secondary electron imaging; backscatter electron imaging; energy dispersive spectroscopy; electron backscatter diffraction; and cathodoluminescence
  • Thermally-assisted field-emission gun
  • Accelerating voltage from 0.5 to 30 kV
  • Lateral resolution of 1.5 nm
  • Magnification ranges from 10 X to 400,000X
  • Sample size: 50 x 125 x 125 mm
  • Backscattered imaging at TV rates and low voltage using the Centaurus detector
  • Chemical analysis of bulk samples with elements as low as sodium available using a Thermo-Noran Vantage system
  • Cathodoluminescence analysis with a Gatan (Oxford) MonoCL 2 system
  • Crystallographic analysis with an EBSD system from HKL allowing pattern indexing and texture mapping with Channel 5 software

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