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Transmission Electron Microscope



The JEOL 1200 EXII is a reliable, user friendly conventional transmission electron microscope for biological and materials sciences applications.  It employs a side-entry eucentric goniometer stage for ease of sample exchange, and sample holders capable of holding two grids at once for faster, more efficient viewing.  This TEM is well suited for examining routine thin sections of embedded samples, as well as negatively stained bacteria, viruses, organelles, etc., and for electron diffraction and darkfield imaging of materials.

The microscope is outfitted with Soft Imaging Systems' MegaView III image acquisition system for wide field digital image capture.  SIS' comprehensive analySIS® software package provides tools for data acquisition, processing, measuring, analyzing, archiving, and reporting.  Images can also be recorded conventionally on 3.25" x 4.0" film.


  • Side-entry eucentric goniometer stage which allows for specimen tilting ~+/- 15 degrees.
  • Side mounted, SIS MegaView III high resolution CCD camera with 1376 X 1032 pixel format, 12 bit.
  • Gatan 651N liquid nitrogen anticontaminator.


  • High-resolution imaging of biological and non-biological samples.
  • Examination of immuno-labeled individual cells, tissues and bacteria.
  • Electron diffraction and darkfield imaging of materials.


  • Low magnification range from 50x to 1,000x; standard magnification range from 600x to 500,000x, and accelerating voltage from 40kV to 120kV.
  • Resolution 0.34 nm or better.