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Siemens D-500

Startup Instructions

After a power outage or after x-rays were shut off

If the kV and mA gauges both read zero, the system is down (x-rays off) and needs to be started up.

  1. Set kV and mA to 0.
  2. Notice the two yellow buttons numbered "1" and "2".  The "1" should be depressed and the "2" out.
  3. Notice the three buttons colored red, yellow, and green.  Push the yellow button.  You should hear a "kathump" and the green button should light up.
  4. Press the lit green button.  Wait until the gauge above the green button reads a stable 2.5.
  5. Turn up the power slowly, kV's first.
    Resting power: 10 kV, 5 mA
    Operating power: 45 kV, 40 mA for copper;   38 kV, 40 mA for cobalt
  6. The system needs to be calibrated now.  Use the Controller option in Datascan
  7. To turn on the LED lights (for the angles of the goniometer):
    • Datascan, Controller.  Check to see if the two-theta and theta values equal the values on the bottom of the goniometer.  If they don't, type in the correct values.  Drive the goniometer first to 10.  Then, drive the goniometer to 100.  If this doesn't work try:
        Set up a scan from 20 to 22 degrees with a step size of 0.002 and a count time of 0.25 seconds/step.  Terminate the scan when the lights turn on.

If you have any questions or are experiencing problems with the instrument, check the Trouble Shooting guide.